This never hit me until I heard Joe Rogan say it.   It’s an amazing example of perspective

America is only 4 people old.   So your dad’s great grandfather.

That’s crazy.   It often times feels like America is something that has always been here.   Like forever ever.   It’s not.   It’s relatively new.

It’s really only 4 people old.   (don’t be one of those people that wants to talk semantics of changing life expectancies.   I will have posts about your need to be right some other time).    The Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776.

That’s 243 years ago.  Less if you take out the Revolutionary War.    My dad was 86 when he died.   My grandpa lived to 88.    Somewhere there is a line where a living person’s great grandfather was born before America.

It’s an interesting perspective when you try to think of something in your life as “permanent.”   You can change anything – start today.