What can you do with your life and your business to innovate?   It’s often said that you are either a leader or a follower.   Though very few people have the bravery to strike out to do something new and amazing.  But they are the ones that we all admire.   You have to go ALL THE WAY though.

You can’t compete with the US Postal Service, that’s stupid —— People said that about Fred Smith when starting Fed Ex.  Possibly a professor at Yale

You can’t compete with Banks……and NASA……and the car companies, and the Earth that’s stupid.  —— that was people about Elon Musk starting PayPal, Space X, and Tesla and The Boring Company

Who would want to let strangers into their house to sleep, that’s stupid  —–  people about AirBnB

Who would want to let strangers drive them around, that’s stupid —–  people about Lyft and Uber

What are some genuine stupid ideas you can implement in your business?     Selling cars without a dealership??   Coffee shops integrated with dry cleaners?   Real time updates on loan statuses?    Sorter simpler real estate contracts?   Loan applications you can sign with a thumbprint?   Offering ‘radical acceptance’ to everyone in your life by saying everyone is right about what they think – in their own way?

Who’s next to be dumb?