Dealing with difficult people.
Every person is a messenger.  They are sent here to deliver you a message.   About the world, about the situation, about yourself.   Try to hear their message.   If you get angry at them, you will miss the message.
If you get angry or frustrated, you will miss the larger question.
What is the message?  What am I supposed to learn?   Purpose?  What are they in my life for?   It’s not coincidence or happenstance.     Everyone is in your life for a reason.
So, if you meet someone who is upsetting, what is the message for me?
We bemoan these emotional vampires.   But we miss the purpose.   We don’t grow in a frictionless environment.
A great method for personal growth is to deal with difficult people and come out a winner.   Though give some real thought to what is called a “win”.    Is it being considered and seen as “right” or feeling like you have conquered or out-argued your foe?
Or would it be to incite actual change.   To me, it’s more important to be “effective” than “right.”
Choose your path.   No interaction has any meaning.   It’s only the meaning that we assign to it.
How do you want your meaning to be seen?   How many lessons can be considered?