Before you make up your mind…….

Moving someone from “NO” to “Yes” is nearly impossible.

So, move them to “Maybe” first.

Zig Ziglar said years ago that you will never change anyone’s mind about a sale.   If you attack their decision they will only entrench themselves to defend what they said.   This is shown in Cialdini’s principle of Consistency.   When they are defending the “No” they just said they are finding new reasons to be right.

You can – however – help them make a NEW decision based on new information.   “Oh, I didn’t know you had free delivery…”  or “Oh, once you throw in the free coaching….”    or “Oh, ok, I guess once you look at it like that….”

“Look, before you make your mind up, let’s be sure you are looking at all of the facts.”

or “let’s run through the details to make sure I told you everything.”

or “let me make sure you definitely know what you are saying No to”

This gives you 1 more try at finding a point that resonates with the client that you can restart off of.




Number 9 in a series from “Exactly What to Say” by Phil Jones.