Could you imagine what it would be like if you read a blog post that gets you a Ferrari?  What color is it?

If you pictured a Ferrari, this tip already worked.  haha.

Today’s WTMS chunk of start comes from “Exactly What to Say” by Phil Jones is to use “Could you imagine….” (or variations) in your sales process.

Your can order them to imagine things………. Can you see this car in your garage?   What would your cars look like in this garage? – if you are a Realtor

Can you imagine what this living room will look like with your furniture?

Can you see the kids playing the backyard?

What are you going to buy with the savings from the solar panels?  What does that look like?

Structure it so they get thinking and visualizing something good right before you have to talk about the bad stuff.   Talk about the mortgage payment.   “Does that payment work?”   Cool.   “Are you already starting to see that man cave?    I’m excited.   You been shopping for furniture?  Gonna invite me over?”   Oh – yeah – I better run through the loan estimate before you head to La-Z-Boy.

Science has shown that we process most all of the info from the world in 1 of 3 ways  – Auditory (hear), Visual (seeing), and Kinesthetic (Feel/Tactile).   So, if you get them visualizing something – especially while they are imagining how it feels (or are literally feeling it on a test drive) – it’s harder to process the bad news they hear.     Therapists have actually helped people with their fear of heights by having them sing a song.   If the problem is that they are visualizing falling to their death, focusing on the auditory aspect of singing a song will short circuit their ability to visualize.   True story.

Use it to sell stuff

Use it on your kids

Use it in your relationships

Any time you are influencing…….maybe even yourself.

All decisions are made twice.   First is when they picture doing it in their mind….   “Just imagine….” then tell the story.   The 2nd decision will come much easier.

Can you imagine what your First Quarter pipeline will look like if you send a bunch of clients to Simple Credit Repair today?   That thing will look FAT!!