“What happens next is…… ”  >>   This is your way to link the information that you are providing with the decision that they should make.

Of course the client wants X-thing-of-value.  It’s obvious, so there is no reason to ask.   Start the momentum of leading them to a decision and use the “What happens next…” as the birdge.

“You want to save $180 on your mortgage, of course.  So what happens next is we fill out an application.”

Or you link it to the BENEFITS  of the decision.    Notice I said “benefits”.   As a reminder, people say “don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.”  Nnnnnoope.   “Sizzle” is just an advantage.   Sell “Get full and taste good”.   THAT is the benefit of a steak.

In this case we we would use the “What happens next is…” to bridge the gap.   If it was a steak, you might say “Dang, you look hungry and want something filling .   So what you do it order the steak.   Then, when you hear the sizzle of the steak you know it’s gonna taste awesome and fill you up.”       The extra great part of this is when you hit all 3 major senses:  See, Hear, Feel.    See the steak, hear the sizzle, and feel full.   

Let’s say you are a Realtor and you are meeting a customer about maybe buying a house.   So you would inevitably as some version of “Why do you want to buy a house?”   And you will probably get some version of “I’m sick of paying rent.”    You are a good Realtor though, so you know that’s just the surface and you inquire further.  “Well, if you buy a house you DO still have to send someone money every month.   So when you say ‘I’m sick of paying Rent’ what do you really mean?”     Which is highly likely to land on “they want to make money off the appreciation and tax benefits.”     And with that you know that “wealth creation” is a big part of their strategy.   Bonus points for actually making them say it with their own mouth.

This is great.   I love working with young people who want to buy a house for all of the right reasons.   Of course we all need a place to live.  Plus moving sucks so buying stops that cycle.   But the big thing that people don’t learn early enough is the massive financial benefits of  buying a house.   You can google it and find a thousand articles from experts that prove that buying a house is, by far, the biggest tool of wealth creation.  It’s not even close.   <start building momentum>  It’s great that you already know that.  So we need to get you into a house!   First up <another version of “the next step is”> we do the agency agreement.  That the form my boss makes us do for me to work with you.   The next step is to get you out looking at houses…….   “

If I was selling Credit Repair – which I am – then maybe I would ask about all of the bad, gut-wrenching, items on their report (I know, not fun but gotta do it) then:

Yeah, well, there is definitely quite a bit of stuff to work on there.  Fortunately, it’s all stuff that we fix on a daily basis.   

When you enroll in the program <starting momentum by assuming the close and a “next step is”> we are going to start a fight with both the creditor AND the credit bureaus themselves.   We fight with both to get the best results.   And with the way we do it, on average across all clients over last 5 years is that we delete 40% of people’s bad credit on the first try, another 19.8% in the 2nd, and another 15 in the 3rd. 

To get started <next step is> we need to get ………….   

So your next step in making more money is to use “The next step is….” in your sales pitch.   Once you do that, and make more money, the next step is to share the WellThatMakesSense blog with everyone you know.



Do you work in Mortgage or Real Estate??   Then your next step is to make a relationship with Simple Credit Repair.   Telling people “NO” is a natural part of your business.   Since we can delete ANYTHING off of your clients’ credit report, we fix it and send them back to you.   We even built software to do it AUTOMATICALLY.

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