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Fight weak emotions with the power of logic; fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotion.  And in the balance of those two, you will find the strength and the tenacity and the guts to say to yourself:


Discipline can seem like your worst enemy.

But in reality it is your best friend.

It will take care of you like nothing else can.

And most important, discipline will put you on the path to FREEDOM.

“Between the acting of a dreadful thing

And the first motion, all the interim is

Like a phantasma or a hideous dream.”


That is Brutus, from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, who, in the play, is plotting to kill Caesar—someone he was loyal to.

And Shakespeare—the master of understanding human nature—captures what that feels like. This is how Shakespeare’s words would translate today:

“Between the acting of a dreadful thing…”

Between the moment when you are waiting to do something that you don’t want to do …

“And the first motion…”

and the moment when you initiate the action …

“All the interim…”

The whole time you are waiting to take that action …

“Is like a phantasma or a hideous dream…” is like an evil spectre, an apparition—a nightmare.

Hesitation turns into cowardice.

To win, all you have to do is overcome that moment:

The Waiting.

The Hesitation.

And to do that, all you have to do is: Go.

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