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Find Motivation In Difficulty =  Whenever I get to a low point where I think “Why do I even bother” – I just remind myself that this is where most people stop.  And this is why they don’t win. 

  • Building a business is hard.  Hard feels shitty.  This is what hard feels like – and this is why most people don’t do it – but you can!
  • Building a business is hard; most people give up when it gets hard, and that decision is what separates failed entrepreneurs from successful entrepreneurs.  Most of the pain that people experience is purely in their own minds.  People that experience “emotional burnout” really are just struggling to reframe reality.
    • Are you an Entrepreneur or WANTrepreneur

People put a lot of energy into denying criticism.  Consider the stakes of the criticism being true.  Oftentimes, it is not that big of a deal if the critic is right.  The next time you experience resistance, tell yourself, “This is what hard feels like. Most people quit at this stage.”

This is why most people stop – and this is why most people don’t win.  Paraphrasing David Goggins: It is so easy to be successful nowadays because people are weak.

Burnout is different than giving up when hard.  Burnout is when your output per unit time slumps significantly.   Generally emotional burnout is when your expectations are out of whack.  You saw a negative comment or something.  You need to reframe your reality.

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