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Finding What to Optimize 

What is the thing that you can do longer than anyone else where to them it looks like work, and to you, it feels like play?   Whatever the answer is to this question, do that!  Optimize for that.

The intersection of What you love to do + what you are good at + and what you can get paid for is where you want to optimize.

Try to be directionally correct instead of trying to be absolutely correct.  People try to find the perfect thing to do when they have not done anything yet.  You don’t have enough knowledge to know what to do.  You don’t have to know the outcome.

  • You are racing for the cheese with a cat chasing you.   You don’t have to know where the cheese is to start.  You just have to know there is a cat behind you.  Start running toward SOMETHING.    You don’t need to know where the cheese is, you know where the Cat is.  Stay away from the cat and keep moving.
  • Perfectionism is procrastination masquerading as quality control.

An amazing amount of success has been achieved not by trying to be smart but avoiding being stupid – by Charlie Munger.

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