Let’s face it, we’re all is sales.
If you are trying to move forward professionally, you are either selling people something or selling your boss on a raise or your promotion.
You sell your kids on why they should do stuff around the house without asking.
You sell your best employees on why they should come work for you….or stay working for you.
You sell your bartender on trying to give you a free drink.
And you might be out in the field trying to sell someone on being your “Significant Other”.     Then maybe selling them on doing……other…stuff.
We all sell.
On the professional side of sales, on of the most core sales skills is getting appointments to meet new people.   You are looking for referral partners or synergistic (almost hurts to type that buzzword) relationship.   Most sales careers, at one point, will require you to reach out and make new relationships.    If not required, doing so will likely still significantly enhance your success.
Success in cold calling comes down to rectifying 2 things until they are within acceptable ranges in YOUR MIND.   The first is the mental aspect.   Having the right attitude to make the calls with positivity and enthusiasm.   As Winston Churchill once said

Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm.

Wrap your brain around that one.  There will be more on that in posts to come because isolating and understanding this is one of my primary passions.
The 2nd half of the cold calling success model is having a Plan Of Attack that works and you feel good about.  Once you are sufficiently motivated, focused, and enthusiastic – you still have to know WHAT to do.   This is where Stephen Schiffman come in with “Cold Calling Techniques.”
In this book, the author tackles one of the most common rebuttals to your request for appointment: “Why don’t you send me some info?”
Like most things, here Simple is Better.   You confident and boldly say “Can’t we just get together?  How about Tuesday at 3:00?”     No more – no less.   Many many times they are going to be caught off guard enough to say “yeah ok.”  Especially if you know your market well enough to know the times of day where there would likely be a lull in the action.
If you don’t get the appointment, 9 times out of 10 the customer will says “You know what, I’m pretty happy with my current vendor.”
Which is still an improvement.   At least you know the REAL problem and part of the plan is to have a rebuttal for this response.
Now go make new relationships, new friends, and new money.
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