Reading Notes for:

If you fail in a Forest and nobody is there to see it – does it matter. 

The other odd thing is –  When you are starting out, nobody is paying attention to you.  You are too small.  So even if you fail, nobody notices.   There are so few people interacting with your business (or product, content, etc.) when you first start out that it does not matter if you make embarrassing mistakes.

  • If you have a shit podcast it won’t matter.  Because you have a shit podcast and nobody is listening.

Gamifying “success” in the short and medium term allows people to stay at it long enough to achieve ultimate success in the long-term.  Create micro-games within the long game to keep yourself going.

  • See your first 100 videos/podcast/ads/Sales Calls/campaigns as practice.
  • If you track a bunch of stats, and 1 goes up – you have a win.  You have to see a view increase of 4 to 8 as 100% improvement.  Knowing that when you do the same thing with hundreds it will mean something.

Most people who are successful don’t necessarily have more willpower.  They just find other ways to reward themselves.  The more skills you have the more ways you have to reward themselves.

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