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Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

4 States of Consciousness

  • Wakefulness = when we are conscious.
  • Sleep = we are unconscious and our bodies are repairing
  • Dreaming = our bodies are catatonic, but our minds are in a state of inner visual imagery.
  • Transcendental =  Change how we look at the world

When you body is stressed, it produces cortisol.   In the day, it was probably a predator.  Now different stress can raise cortisol.   When your body is high on cortisol it cannot properly rest and recover.  The cortisol will restrict release of melatonin.

  • This can also prevent the body from processing carbs, storing them as fat.

Activating the Pineal Gland: “The Third Eye”.  Secretes melatonin.  Can activate the pineal gland to work like a radio.  Tapping into special frequencies of energy to get special images/signals/messages.   Requires you to:

  1. The Piezo-Electric Effect:  Activate the tiny crystals in the gland.  Use breathing techniques to pull the mind out of the body, by releasing emotions in the bottom 3 centers.
    1. Pushes cerebral spinal fluid into the Pineal Gland.  The crystals generate an electro-magnetic field.  The more you do the breathing exercises, the electro-magnetic field pulses.
  2. The Pineal Gland Releases it’s Metabolites:
  3. Energy is Delivered Directly into the Brain:  the spinal column is the delivery mechanism and the top of the head is the target.
    1. How the brain goes into Gamma brain wave status.
    2. Draws energy into the body, though the top of the head.

Does a magic transformation to melatonin.  Primes you for transcendental, mystical moments.  Access higher dimensions of space and time.  Turns melatonin into benzodiazepines.   Reduces the function of brain that produces fear, anger, agitation, or pain.  You feel calm and relaxed while feeling awake.

Also turns melatonin from an antioxidant – to a supercharged antioxidant.

People have reported seeing surreal colors that they have never seen.  Outside the visible light spectrum.  Otherworldly and opalescent.   Seems like another dimension.

Alter melatonin like 2 more times and you have Dimethyltryptamine or DMT.   Same chemical in ayahuasca.  Which has been known to create spiritual visions or profound insights.   Creates time dilation and encounters with spiritual visitations.  Seem more real than anything that has ever happened in the sensory based world.

Tuning into higher dimensions:  The pineal gland will team up with the pituitary gland to produce oxytocin and vasopressin.   Oxytocin creates elevated emotions of love and joy – the love or bonding hormone.  Also forgiveness, empathy, love, joy, compassion, wholeness.

  • Vasopressin:  As levels go up, the body retains fluid.  The water acts as a conduit for the frequencies going through your body.  Frequencies faster than visual light.
  • Fit into the same receptor sites as serotonin and melatonin.

Once your pineal gland is activated and you start experiencing and processing these higher frequencies – they often present themselves as complex geometric patterns usually perceived in the minds eye.  This is information.

  • The pineal gland become the vortex to receive these messages.
  • These packets are called Sacred Geometry.  Been around for thousands of years.   Are alive and are 3 dimensional.

Alterations in chemistry creates a new reality.  You can’t have a change in consciousness without a change in energy.  The higher the change in energy/frequency, the higher the change in consciousness.  The higher the change in consciousness, the more lucid your experience will be.   A more transcendental state.

  • All interpretations of reality are based on perceptions and experiences from the past.  We don’t perceive things in our reality based on the way things ARE.  We perceive them based on how WE ARE.  These alterations in chemistry can broaden your sense of reality when you are in your awakened state.  You will receive a software upgrade and never see reality the same again.

If you slice the brain down the middle, between the 2 hemispheres – and look at the pineal gland, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and corpus clausum – the formation looks like the ancient Egyptian symbol “The Eye of Horus” that means protection.

  • The Eye of Horus also represented a fractional mathematic system that represents parts of the whole.  This is also called the Fibonacci Sequence or Fibonacci Constant.
    • That represents itself almost everywhere in nature.  Sunflowers, seashells, pineapples, pine cones, the structure of the milky way galaxy.   Also known as the Golden Spiral or the Golden Ratio.

Meditation:  best between 1-4 am, because that is when melatonin is highest.

Activate your heart center for 1 song. 

Then bless your energy centers, starting with the bottom ones.  With the blessing of energy centers meditation from chapter 4. 

Bless these energy centers by first blessing your energy center – then the space around them. 

Do for the 1st and 2nd energy centers – then focus on the 1st and 2nd at the same time. 

Do these for each energy center, creating a bigger energy field. 

Eventually you will align all 8 centers – then the area around the body.

Should take about 45 min.  Then rest for 20. 

Then do the breath work to activate the pineal gland (slow, low steady breath.  Coordinating the breath with the contractions of your intrinsic muscles.  As you inhale, follow the breath all the way to the top of your head.)

Rest your attention between the back of your throat and the back of your head.  The pineal gland.  Focus your energy there for 5-10 min.

 Linger there for 5-10 minutes.   Radiate the energy from there throughout the room.

Tune into the energy from your head out into the eternal space.  Don’t try to anticipate or expect anything.

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