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How to Get Rich (podcast)
By Naval Ravikant

This all takes time – even when you have these pieces in place.   Don’t count the time.  You will lose patience.   Being authentic will help you keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it…..and don’t keep track over time.  On a long enough timeframe, you will get paid.  You get many shots on goal, and only have to hit it once.

Avoid people who got rich too quickly.  Often they are just giving you their winning lottery ticket number.   Looks for things you can learn.  Take it in, read, learn, and use some of all of it into your perspective.  You have to reject most advice.  Though you have to listen to a whole lot of it to figure out what to reject.

  • Advice is anecdotes and maxims that I can recall later, when I have my own experiences, and go “oh that’s what that person meant.”

Once you get rich, the first thing you will learn is that you are still the same person.   A calm mind, a fit body, and a houseful of love cannot be bought – they must be earned.

To Naval the ultimate purpose of money is so you do not have to be in a specific place, at a specific time, doing anything you don’t want to do.

Don’t try to learn to get rich from people in the business of teaching people to get rich.   Selling you into giving them money is all they have to teach.   Go to people who got rich some other way.

At some point, every founder has to lie to every employee they have.  You have to convince them that it’s better to come work for me, than do what I did and go work for yourself.  So Naval recruits entrepreneurs, and tells them “you will get to be entrepreneurial in this company.  And the day you are ready to go do your own thing, I will support you.  I won’t get in the way.   We will help you learn to build a team and find product market fit.”

For a lot of people, you need 3 hobbies:  One that keeps you fit.  One that makes you money.  One that makes you smarter.

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