Believe this one comes from Derek Sivers in “Anything You Want”.   He was a digital music innovator waaayyyy before iTunes.  And kinda almost invented PayPal 3 years before PayPal, but didn’t see it as a business.     He boldly had a business called CD Baby that sold music online, but only for independent artists.  And was successful and brash enough to be singled out as an enemy by Steve Jobs when launching iTunes.

In the book he recounted with lawyers who tried to sell him expensive “Terms and Conditions” consulting.   And he kept asking them, “How does this improve my customers experience?”   Which they didn’t like.   He made every decision form the point of improving customer experience, and got rich.   His shipping notification email was legendary and you can still find the CD Baby Shipping Email out on the internet.

More recently, Amazon and their acquisition Zappos are famous for this as well.   People were incredulous when Zappos launched free returns.

Are there parts of your business or product that clients don’t love?   Change them.   Keep changing them or repackaging them until they are better.   If it already sucks, you have nowhere to go but up.

Hint:  Car sales, why does it take so long to get out of the dealership after I say yes?  Or Loan Officers, why do you make a customer do a full application of most all of that info is on the verification documents they have to send you?

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