Reading Notes for:

The more checkmarks, the better your Lead Magnet will perform:

 Offers an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific market

 Promises “one big thing” (as opposed to a lot of little things)

 Speaks to a known desired end result (Shows Interest/Intent)

 Offers immediate gratification (no newsletters, podcasts, etc.)

 Moves prospect down a “continuum of belief” – They might believe in you (if you have proof) but they don’t think THEY can do it

 Has a high perceived value

 Has a high ACTUAL value

 Rapidly Consumable (No books, 30 day courses, etc.)

Offers Immediate Gratification

Your market wants a solution and they want it NOW. And that’s why your Lead Magnet will perform better if your prospects know they can get the “One Big Thing” we discussed earlier in this checklist— right now.

Avoid using email newsletters, multi-day courses and other resources that fail to deliver the NOW.

Moves Prospect Down a “Continuum of Belief”

If somebody is going to take an action (i.e. opt in, make a purchase, come into your store, etc.) they have to believe they can achieve the end result that is being promised. The big mistake marketers make is they believe that the prospect’s primary objection to moving forward is that they don’t believe in YOU—the marketer.

That’s not the case. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the prospect’s lack of belief in THEMSELVES. Sure, you’ll need to provide proof that you can be trusted—but that’s a far easier objection to overcome.

Don’t believe me? Then consider the difficulty of selling a back pain related product or service. Whether you’re selling pills, acupuncture or surgery, the problem is the same: The prospect has tried EVERYTHING!

They simply can’t imagine a life without back pain, and they’re worried that if they give you money they’ll simply be disappointed again (but have less cash).

So how do you overcome this problems?

Yes, you need your marketing to show how your solution is different and better than everything they’ve tried in the past, but what’s even more important is to offer a Lead Magnet that allows them to believe that they can some day be pain-free. In other words, you need to offer them a “little victory.”

So, if your Lead Magnet shows them a simple stretch that provides temporary relief, that might be enough to make them believe. Even if the stretch doesn’t provide long-term relief, it’s enough to give them hope.

Has a High Perceived Value 

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it should LOOK free. Use professional graphics and imagery to establish real monetary value in the mind of the visitor. And remember, people don’t buy products online—they buy pictures of products online. So make sure the picture of Lead Magnet adequately expresses the VALUE of your Lead Magnet.

7. Has a High ACTUAL Value

Hopefully this one goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway just to be safe…

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