Structuring sales copy is crucial in its format. During this activity, the seller has two thoughts in mind.

  • The first is that the buyer must like and develop confidence in the seller. The buyer must believe that the seller knows his product.
  • Secondly, the seller must somehow relate the product to the buyer and the buyer’s needs. That’s clear. But the buyer and the seller must literally vibrate together. There must be a harmony struck in both the buyer and seller or the persuasive sales message won’t come through.

Creating the slippery slide will cause people to “traffic” your ad-to go through the entire text of your ad and then decide if they want to buy.  Creating the slippery slide effect is not that difficult the once reader is well into your copy. In fact, it’s been proven that if a reader reads over 25% of your ad, there is a great probability that he or she will read the entire ad.

  • So once you’ve grabbed your reader at the start of your ad with your perfect environment and once they’re reading your compelling first sentence, you’ve  got them started down the slippery slide.


Some magazines create the slippery slide by simply starting out their stories with larger type to get you into the copy. Larger type is easier to read and so you tend to start reading the copy which may seem less imposing.