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“Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)”
by Stephan Schiffman
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Chapter 8: Leaving Messages that Work

A lot of people just use voicemail to screen calls.  Don’t simply hand that group to potential competitors.  Just don’t overcall.

Don’t count voicemails in your contact ratios.

Calling with a Company Name:  65-75% return calls:

  • If with receptionist: “This is Steve Schiffman from DEI Franchise Systems.  My telephone number is 212-555-1234.  Would you please tell him it’s in reference to XYZ company (recognizable company/competitor you helped)?
  • If on v/m:  “This is Steve Schiffman from D.E.I. Franchise Systems.  My phone number is 212-555-1212.  It’s regarding XYZ Company”
    • When they call back, I say “Oh, I’m glad you called me.  The reason I called you is that we recently did a project with XYZ Company. <go into how successful things were with XYZ>”  Book the appointment.
  • Be consistent and precise.  Don’t give the impression you represent XYZ Company.
    • If they say they don’t know XYZ, introduce them “Well they are the largest widget company in the area.  They do ____, and ___, and ____”then go into your opening.

Calling with an Individual’s Name: almost 99%

  • For when someone else within you organization had been calling and went cold.  Call them Bob Jones.
  • You:  “Can I speak with Brian Smith?”  Secretary: “He’s busy right now.  What it in reference to?”   You: “No problem.  My name is Steve Schiffman.  My company is DEI Franchise Systems Inc.  My number is 212-555-1234.  Please tell him it’s in reference to Bob Jones.”
  • When they call back.  “Oh yes.  You had talked to Bob Jones at our company a number of days/weeks/months ago.”   Customer: “oh, yes.”.  You: “Anyways, I wanted to find out what happened with that?”
    • or “The reason I was calling you today specifically is because we’ve been very successful working with ABC Bank.  I’d like to stop by next Tuesday at 3:00 and tell you about it.”
    • Or “Ross from our office had called you.  I’d like to stop by.”
    • Or “Hi, you had spoken to Jimmy Jones from our company a number of years ago.  The reason I’m calling is that we’ve been very successful with the ABC Widget Company.  I’d like to stop by ….”

When someone had told you to call the back at a later time:  Mr. Customer, the reason I’m calling you specifically is that when we spoke in May you suggested I give you a call today to set up an appointment.  Would next Tuesday be ok?

  • Or if to voicemail: “Hi, Mr. Customer – Steve Schiffman here from DEI.  The reason I called is, when we spoke in May you suggested I call today to set up an appointment.  I looked at my schedule and I see that I’m going to be in Philadelphia/your area next Thursday, and I wanted to know if next Thursday is okay.  My number is 212-555-1234.”

Cold Calling Messages:  “This is Steve Schiffman.  I looked at my schedule and realized I’m going to be in Philadelphia next week to see the XYZ Company.  I’ll be about 20 minutes from you place.  I’d like to get together.  Would next Tuesday about 2:30 work out?”

  • Now they have to react.  Ball is in their court.

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