I don’t remember where I heard this one from.  But I thought it was super interesting perspective.

We all have Immortality Projects.  

I remember once reading that Humans are the only animal on the planet that laughs as a sign of happiness and joy.  Of course, we are also the only animal that rationally knows that 100% – one day- we are going to die.

And that’s a big burden to deal with for most people.   The concept of death…..the end.

To deal with the stress of knowing the inevitable, many people create their Immortality Projects.

This is part of why many people build a company with their name on it that they think will survive beyond them.

or put their name on a building or stadium.

or have kids.

It’s even part of the reason why many people believe in heaven.   It relieves a lot of the anxiety of dying to believe that there is another life that starts again.