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Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

Much of our advertising uses music and language patterns to evoke a level of hypnotic suggestion.   Hypnosis speaks to the unconscious mind.  The limbic brain is the home of the unconscious mind and the autonomic nervous system.  ANS controls all of the automatic biological functions.   Once a thought is programmed, the ANS carries out the orders like a good little servant.

  • They run these later in the night because we are lower energy and don’t have our mental guards up.
  • We are programming ourselves to think that we need something outside of us to change how we feel inside ourselves.  Reinforced by media.
    • If you are always preoccupied by feelings of lack, fear, prejudice, sadness, anger, anxiety they remain dependent on someone/something outside of them to make the feelings go away.   If you remain in a perpetual state of business, your body is preoccupied in survival emotion – you never really have the opportunity to believe in yourself.

Author uses Kaleidoscope video + music to put people into trance.   Played in a dark room so melatonin helps with trance.   Half awake/half asleep is prime for suggestion.

Create a mind movie: A movie about what your life will look like.  Focus on it daily to create emotions.  Creating long-term memories of your future.

  1. Pick a song.  One that you will never tire of hearing.  Something that will raise your mental state and connect it to the future.
    1. Brings the energy to the mind movie.  Inspirational, motivational, aspirational
  2. Choose images of themselves or a future event.  Lay them out sequentially to tell the story of what the future looks like
  3. Come up with words, phrases, or affirmations to put over the images.   Remind you of who you are and what you believe about your future.
    1. Can add a timeline if you want.

Students watch Kaleidoscope video before running their mind movies.   Opens the unconscious mind.  Puts them in a mental state where they are less likely to find problems.

  • Can help people – especially teens – feel they have more control over their lives and their futures.   See a brighter future.
  • Also a daily reminder of the things we must do, choices we must make, new behaviors we must demonstrate to get the feelings we want to live by.   Easier to break old habits
  • Author recommends first thing in the morning.  Sometimes before bed to program your unconscious to work on it while you sleep

Kaleidoscope and Mind movie meditations on site

Whether a memory is positive or negative doesn’t not change the ability of our minds to remember and learn (for betterment or detriment) from it.

Walking Meditation:  start doing with few people around.  Can progress as get better.  

  • Begin by standing still, closing your eyes, resting attention in your heart center.   Slowing your breath and focusing on breathing in-and-out of this center.   When you feel heart centered, like in seated one, you get connected with your future.    Then slowly open your focus and radiate the energy all around you.  Feeling it all around you – and in you.   Lay upon these elevated emotions what you want out of your life.
  • Open your eyes and begin walking.   Keep focus open.  Don’t look at people, just at the horizon.   Connect your mind with your new future. 
  • Begin walking as if the person you want to be might walk.  Embody that person you always dreamed you would be.  Be that future person. 
    • Once you naturally start feeling and embodying these elevated emotions – they will inhabit YOU – and you will become that person. 

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