Yes, I’m aware there were other posts before this.  But I do hereby declare this as my First Official Blog Post!

And, welp, yeah. This seems like a natural to use as my first post.  Especially since I’m just staring at my computer trying to find the perfect thing to share.   HERE’S THE THING, there is no perfect.  We are all just people and different things are going to resonate at different times.   I have collected a lot of great info over the years from books, podcasts, and seminars.

I heard recently that CEO’s of large companies will read 60 books and attend 6 seminars per year, on average.   I’m not quite there yet.   I probably did 20-25 and 4 seminars.   I took notes though!!  And I’m willing to share with you.

Today’s chunk of knowledge hits home particularly  well because I’m kicking off my blog.   I have thought about it for a while and am finally doing it.   And I’m nervous.   Which is what is telling me that I’m doing the right thing.   I have read before that “The edge of your comfort zone, is the edge of your success zone.”  Meaning that you generally can’t find new success without getting uncomfortable.   So think about what you REALLY want.  What you really want your life to look like and what you think it will take to get there.   Then attack the fear.   Most people won’t go there so it’s where you will stand out.  Unique and Special.