Reading Notes for:

Pitch Anything

By Oren Klaff

An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal

The double helix, probably the most important scientific discovery of the 21st Century can be read in 5 minutes.  So why does your pitch take an hour?

  • Attention is vital. Don’t waste it.


Time Constraint Pattern = what to say to tell people that this won’t be the typical hour long meeting.  “Guys, lets get started. I’ve only got about 20 minutes to tell you the big idea” which will leave some time to talk it over before I have to be out of here.”

  • Shows that you know what you are doing and Shows Status.


Your pitch is going to have 4 parts:

1. The big idea: ~5 min

2. The Budget and the Secret Sauce: ~10 min

3. Offer the Deal: ~2 min

4. Stack frames for hot cognition: 3min


Introduce Yourself and your big idea.  Have to introduce yourself and your successes. Not just where you worked or projects that you worked on tangentially. What You actually did.  Only your big wins are worth talking about at this point. Nobody needs a 15 min Intro.

-Science shows that you will be perceived as the average of the into that is presented about you. Not the sum.


Why Now Frame: Nobody wants to invest in a deal that has been sitting around collecting dust. they want something new. And they want to see that you are the expert about it.

– By definitively answering their questions before they ask them will put a big check box in your column.

·       In every business there are 3 market forces that triangulate to shape the Why Now Frame

·   Economic Forces: what has changed in the market for your big idea? Interest rates? Credit more available? Less available. Inflation?

·   Social Forces: Emerging behaviors in people’s wants & behaviors that your big idea fills. I.E…. people paying attention to the environment makes them want electric cars.

·   Technological Forces: Can flatten entire industries. How your idea utilizes this technology.  Describe the genesis of your idea and how it evolved


The 3 Basic Steps to legitimize your Back Story =

#1: Explain the most important changes in your business. The trends. And identity important developments in your market and beyond it.

#2: Talk about the impact of these developments on cost and demand

#3: Explain how these trends have briefly opened up a market window. Ties the 3 market forces together tightly. The economic forces. “The cost to produce is now below $10…. Its a bracelet you wear that wakes you up slowly…. “The social force: “People don’t get enough Sleep…. Its a hot topic.” The technological: “this is made out of a chip and cyllinoid that can now be produced cheap enough……”


Everything has a story that can be told. Hits crocodile brain. The brain is hard wired to detect movement. A bird that keeps his head Still can see small moving worms easier. So don’t let your pitch be static. Have your pitch be moving away from the current Standard and toward something new and better. Can’t just show 2 possible States and hope they notice the difference. You have to draw it out for them. From one to another.

·       People don’t like old deals because they like movement