Prepaving: In your present, you give thought to your future so that when you get to that future time, your future has been prepared, or prepared, for you by you. So much of what you experience today is as a result of your thoughts about today that you thought before.

-If you have not prepared and you are not deliberately intending in this segment, then you are living live by default, and so, the possibility of being swept up in the confusion or intentions of someone else is likely. If youwant and expect to receive the subject of yourintent, it will be.

But, if you do not take the time to establish what you want, then you are attracting, by the influence of others or by the influence of your how old habits, all sorts of things that you may or may not want.

How you feel is your Point of Attraction. Andthe value of the Segment Intending here is that you pause many times during the day to say,This is what I want from this segment of my lifeexperience. I want it and expect it.