Reading Notes for:

Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

Whether a memory is positive or negative doesn’t not change the ability of our minds to remember and learn (for betterment or detriment) from it. 

Priming the Brain for Future Memories:  The more you are feeling the energies of your future self, you are upgrading your neural circuitry.  Now your brain is no longer living in the past, it’s living in the future.  The more you embody the future emotions, the more your brain and body will look like the future self.  Helps to run your mind movie as you are doing this.  The act of feeling these future emotions and combining with your intention does 2 things – 1) install new circuits to make your brain an intentional map to the future.  2) creates the emotional chemicals for that future event.   Signals new genes to actually BECOME that person.

Walking Meditation – Nature:  Find a quiet space in nature.  Anchor yourself in the present moment by closing your eyes.  Acknowledge your heart center – where your soul and hart intersect with The Unified Field.  Bring elevated emotions such as gratitude, joy, inspiration, compassion, love and so on to this center. 

  • If you are going to believe in your new future, with all of your heart, it better be open and activated. 

Rest your attention on the heart, and let your breath flow in and out of this center.  Evermore slowly, deeply, and more relaxed.   For about 2 minutes

Return to creating elevated emotions in your heart for 2-3 minutes.  Radiate that energy into the area around your body.   Radiate it into the space and tune into the energy of your future state. 

After a few minutes hold that clear intention in your mind’s eye.   You might choose a representative symbol that connects you to the energy of your future.

Broadcast this new electromagnetic energy into the field.   Stay for 2-3 minutes.

Open eyes and widen your focus.  Don’t look at anything or anyone.  Just be aware of your space.  While in your trace state, begin walking with eyes open and in the trance state. 

Embody that future with each step – walking as your new self.  

Remember your future.  See the images.  Own them and become them.  

When you feel like you are ready to complete – stop, put your hand over your heart center, raise the energy to its zenith and feel if you are ready to receive this.  Acknowledge the divine within you.  Love your new life into existence.

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