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“Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)”
by Stephan Schiffman
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 Referral Call Scripts.   The only thing better than a cold call.   Learn the what.  Learn the how.  Get the money.

Now you focus on a specific success story.  You can choose your own reference to call just about anyone you want to talk to.

Author got a gig doing work for 3 bank in the country.  So, decided to call other major banks.  “Hello Mr. Smith.  This is Steve Schiffman.  I’m President of DEI Franchise Systems, an international training company here in New York City with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  I’ve done a lot of work with ABC Bank in the areas of cold calling and prospect management.”

Give a reason for your call and ask for the appointment.  “The reason I’m calling you today specifically is that I just completed a very successful training with ABC Bank here in New York City.  In fact, it increased their appointments by 1/3.  I’d like to stop by next Tuesday at 3:00 and tell you about the success I had with the ABC Bank.”

NOTE:  You should adapt the wording of the scripts to meet your own situation.  But leave certain elements verbatim.  “The reason I’m calling you specifically” is one.  Don’t change it.  Similarly, you should ask directly for the appointment by specifying the date and time: “How’s Tuesday at 2:00?”

“Good Morning Mr. Blank.  This is Steve Schiffman from D.E.I. Franchise Systems, an international training company.  We’ve worked with XYZ, ABC, and 123 Companies in the areas of cold calling and prospect management.  The reason I’m calling you today specifically is I just completed working with U.S. Delivery, a major courier in the Louisville area.  I was very successful in showing them ways in which they could increase their sales by actually getting more appointments, which they did.  They just got 30% more appointments.  Anyways, what I’d like to do is stop by and tell you about the success I had with U.S. Delivery.  How about Tuesday at 3:00?”

But don’t make promises or predictions.  When you pretend you’re sure about how you can help the person, all you do is create a response in kind that allows the person to say “Well, I don’t know whether you can really do that for us.”  Waste of time and energy.

  • But, let’s say you get completely sidetracked:  “Oh, no kidding.  Mr Jones, I’m just curious.  What it it that you do?”
  • Or- Mr. Jones “Well, you know, we’re really happy with our long distance company.  We have no interest in changing.
    • You: “Gee, I’ve got to tell you, a lot of people we work with have said the same thing before they had a chance to see how what we do complements what they’re presently doing.
  • Or: Mr. Jones “Why don’t you send me literature?
    • You: “Oh, Mr. Jones, can’t we just get together?  How about next Tuesday at 3:00?”

Successful life insurance agent’s variation:  Good Morning Mr. Smith, this is Mike Jones from XYZ Life Insurance Agency.  Have you heard of us?”

  • Inevitably, people say “no”.  Then he says “Oh, well, let me tell you why I’m calling you specifically.  I’m an agent with the XYZ Life Insurance Agency.  We’ve been very successful working with small business owners in Boston, and what I’d like to do is stop by next Tuesday at 3:00 and just tell you about the success we’ve had with other small business owners.”
  • When people say they have life insurance: “Oh.  Just out of curiosity, are you with ABC Company?”
  • Prospect corrects him:  “no, we are with 123.”

Referral Calls:  Use when you have called someone else within the organization, and that person referred you to someone else. 

  • Initial conversation “I’m the wrong person.”  You: “oh, what do you do?”  Build rapport and get the right person’s name and title.
  • Call the right person and say “Hello Mr. Smith.  This is Jane Doe from XYZ Company here in New York.  We’re one of the top 3 widget companies in America.  The reason I’m calling you today specifically is that I just spoke with John Jones.  He suggested I give you a call to set up an appointment.  I wanted to know if next Tuesday at 3:00 would be good?”
  • If they say something like “what’s this all about”:  Take a step back and say “Well, the reason I called John intitially was that I had just worked with the XYZ Company.  We were very successful in training their sales people to be more effective on the phone.  And when I told him that, he said I should talk to you to set up an appointment.”
  • Now he as to react
    • Can say “We don’t do anything like that.”  Be prepared with “oh, so what do you do?”  No matter what he says next, you are going to say “Well, you know something, we should get together.  How about next Tuesday at 3:00?”   Nice Ledge.

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