THE Giant speaks…..

On Suffering.  

Are you…..or know anyone stuck in a spiral of feeling shi…….crappy??   Just can’t find a silver lining in any cloud?    A friend of mine Todd described a mutual friend as “You hear of the glass half empty vs glass half full kinda guy?   Well, he’s a guy who doesn’t like his glass.”

Good one Todd <internet high 5>

Well, Tony Robbins uses NLP for a pattern interrupt on the pity party.   Go do something for someone else.   Go find someone you can help.  And help them.  Doesn’t matter if their problem is worse than your problem.  Get over it and just go help them.     Don’t even have to mean it or actually be a good person.

It’s almost impossible to feel bad while you are acting to do something nice for other people.    That is because, as Tony says, ” Suffering is an excessive focus on yourself”.   

Think that you suck?  Or something/everything about your life sucks – then think about someone else.   Clean someone else’s “glass.”    You won’t think about your problems for that time.

And maybe being the kind of person who helps other people will start the momentum toward a better you.