Based on our caveman genes, too many business leaders think that the best way to handle external threats is applying more pressure.  Biology and anthropology disagree.  

Actually, when we feel safe and like we belong, we naturally cooperate and are willing to fight external threats more readily.   When we don’t feel part of something, we spend energy fighting each other and preparing for safety.   When we feel safe in our tribe we are more likely to thrive.

Not protecting our own goes against what it is to be human.   That’s why treason is punishable by death.   Because trusting our tribe to care for us is ….. Just……. that ……..important.  Evolution has proven that cooperation and mutual aid works better than competition and rugged individualism.

Humans are social animals.  So it’s important that leaders mingle amongst the others, and socialize.

We like the theory that we should all be equal.  But we aren’t and we never will be.   There will always be hierarchies.   All tribes have leaders – some strong, some weak.  It’s what provides rules of order.

We actually want there to be alphas.   We need it to try to raise our society.    The striving to be an alpha is part of what moves the society forward faster.

It’s also why the logo is on the outside of expensive items.   To try to boost our position in the hierarchy.  And to boost the brand’s value when seen on the perceived leaders.  Though studies have shown that people don’t get the same oxytocin hit from wearing fake designer stuff.   We have to EARN IT to feel it.

It’s important to note that we also expect the alphas to step up when there are threats.   It’s the leaders’ jobs.   It’s part of our social contract to do this.   That’s why we only get mad about the amount of $$/fame a leader gets when we feel that they betrayed the contract of providing us safety.   If they don’t do that, they haven’t earned their leader status or their $$.

Fame is supposed to be the by-product of being a leader.   Not becoming a leader because of Fame.   And our base brains know it.  That’s why it seems so unnatural and odd.

It’s nice that people use fame or power to impact charity.  But when they feel they must continually promote it or brag about it – they aren’t doing it for the reasons that deserve leader status.   They are just trying to raise their status to get the perks.   This is why LEADERS eat last.

Too often, modern leaders put numbers over people by thinking of short-term gain.  These leaders are acting like followers and might boost the numbers they seek, while harming the people that they claim to be serving.  Long-Term thinking gives way to short-term thinking, and selfish replaces selfless.   This rattles the foundation that trust is built upon.

Putting performance over people undermines the free market economy.  Our people are the differentiator in our ability to innovate and beat are competition are no longer viewed as our most valuable asset as we aim to compete with NUMBERS.  The better the products, services and experiences that a company is able to offer – the more it can drive demand for its products, services, and experiences.   That all boils down to the motivation of the employees that created the products, services, and experiences.

All markets out of balance, will eventually right itself.  If effort isn’t made to do it gradually, it will be sudden.  When people are put behind the products, commoditization happens!   The focus on the people is the only way you are going to stay alive and healthy against larger competitors who try to price you out.   And, if you are in a profitable business, that WILL happen.   It’s inevitable that you will face this pressure.  So you might as well put your focus on the people NOW.

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