Dreams v Goals

By |2021-02-07T10:00:09-07:00February 11th, 2021|Simon Sinek|

New Years Resolutions:   Dreams v. Goals         ~ Know the difference what if…WHAT IF….  His muscles are actually full of brains??!! That would be a lot of brains. [...]

Leaders Eat Last 8

By |2019-12-24T15:41:38-07:00January 28th, 2020|Simon Sinek|

REALITY We cannot trust rules or technology, we trust people.  So people need to know when they can break "the rules."   In weak organizations, people break the rules because they want to.  In strong [...]

Leaders Eat Last – 7

By |2019-12-24T15:02:41-07:00January 21st, 2020|Simon Sinek|

Leaders will sacrifice what is theirs, to save what is ours.  And would never sacrifice what is ours to save what is theirs.  When leaders march first into danger and make us feel safe, [...]

Leaders Eat Last – 6

By |2019-12-24T14:40:29-07:00January 14th, 2020|Simon Sinek|

In our last post we went over how the work environment, and how our leaders communicate impact our feelings - through the chemicals we create:   https://www.wellthatmakessense.com/sinek-e-plus-d-plus-s-plus-o When people are stressed, we have heightened levels [...]

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