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Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

The mind thinks but the heart knows.  When you can maintain internal states independent  of your external conditions, you are mastering your environment.

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Our Sympathetic Nervous system will see any  kind of stress as a threat to our survival,  Then our body will allocate a lot of energy to  survive. Takes energy from the creative art of  our brain and reallocates to the instinct  part.
-No organism can live in emergency mode  for extended periods of time.
-Memories get implanted and can keep us  Stuck in the past.

The Autonomic Nervous System controls most of our body’s functions. Hormones, Immune, Digestion.
– Consistently managing our states will impact its  function-positive and negative. the environment  drives a state that will then activates the gene,  and the body responds.
– Every time our body get stuck in the “think this > feel this” loop our bodies think we are still in some high stress/dangerous position from the past.   Puts us in an unhealthy or unbalanced state.  Or at very least, caught in the past, incapable of moving forward.

“Mind” is the brain in action.

Emotion is energy in motion.

Where you place your attention is where.  you place your energy.

-Don’t waste today energy on past  events, thoughts, feelings.

-Many times, to progress, you have to  move your energy from the past to  the Unknown.

Changing our emotions have been scientifically  shown to change our hormones which

Change our physical body.

Thinking about negative past releases  cortis01 which inhibits proper body function.

Neurons that fire together wine together.  Unwiring these connections takes energy.  That energy comes from meditation.

When you liberate energy from the past you make it available to you in the present.

The Realm of Quantum: The realm of  unlimited possibility. Governs all of the laws of nature and energy. Can only experience with your awareness. Not your senses.

  • In the quantum world, nothing matters (or even exists) if you are not paying attention to it.
  • If you focus on the unknown, you create a possibility.

When you focus on what you want, your thoughts become more clear – more coherent.  When your thoughts are more coherent, your brain will process them better.  They are on the same “wavelength”.  This will be better communicated with The Quantum

  • Combine clear intention with elevated emotions.  As specifically as possible.  The emotion provides the energy.
  • Using attention and intention to manifest things.
  • Changes your mind from a record of the past to a map of the future


Once you have – in your mind – the new experience you want to create – Assign a capital letter to it. 

  • Write it on a piece of paper
    • The letter is a symbol that represents that specific possibility in your life.
    • This solidifies that you WANT IT.
  • Draw 2 squiggly circular lines around it.   To represent the electromagnetic field you need to generate to match the potential of the quantum
  • Assign some meaning to the letter, to become even more clear.  List at least 4 specific refinements of what/why you want it.
  • No mention of timeline
  • Write the emotions you will feel when that imagined potential happens.   You have to teach your body – emotionally – what that new future is going to feel like. 
  • Can buy the “Tuning in to new potentials” meditation from the website, or shorter version at end of chapter 3. 

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