Reading Notes for:

Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

The Heart Bridge:  The heart is our 4th energy center.   It’s the bridge to higher levels of awareness and energy.   Intersection of our lower 3 energy centers – associated with our earthly body, and our upper 3 which are associated with our higher self.   They are our connection to the Quantum World.

  • The point of polarity
  • Since our higher self cannot feel them, all feelings of lack, want, sadness, need are grounded in our earthly body.
  • The 4th center begins our journey from living in selfish states to selfless states.   More prone to make decisions for the greater good of everyone.
    • This is where we begin to forgive, love, trust, and so on.
    • Can’t help but feel filled up.

Autonomic Nervous System = the involuntary part of the nervous system has 2 sub-systems

  • Sympathetic Nervous System:   regulates the unconscious habits.   Stimulates flight-or-fight.  Protects us.
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System:   Conserves energy.  Relaxes the body.   Protection for our inner environment.

Always working to provide homeostasis.   Where we feel safe and happy and relaxed.

  • When we are stressed out, our systems get out of rhythm.   And we feel out of rhythm.  Depletes our vital life force.   There is incoherence between the systems.
  • Resilience and management of stress if integral to our ability to maintain health and homeostasis.

The heart can beat in a special fluid even when taken out.   The heart beats before the brain is formed.   The heart is the only organ not driven by the brain.  Contains both nerves from the ANS.

When we live in a constant state of stress, our heart center becomes incoherent and it stifles our ability to create.  When we are under stress, our heart and our brain are operating at different wavelengths.  Different rhythms.  This is reflected in the different branches of the Autonomic Nervous System:  if the parasympathetic system is the brake and the sympathetic is the gas – you are basically stepping on the gas while foot is on brake.   This is not efficient energy management.  Runs us down and keeps our body from working well.

Living Heart Centered:  Every thought you have creates a corresponding chemistry equal to that thought, which in turn creates an emotion.   When we are heart centered in our thoughts, we are more in tune with our goals.  We feel more grounded, abundant, freedom, love.   All of those welcome more thoughts like them.

  • However, when we are trying to think thoughts of goals, while really living in a state of fear or lack while trying to think abundant, it won’t produce a measurable effect.  Because change can only happen when the thoughts are in emotional alignment with the body.
    • Affirmations don’t overcoming feelings of lack or fear, without emotions or feeling.  They need THAT energy to make it work.
  • Have to change your energy to get more sustained effects.   Otherwise your body will think the fear emotion is in the environment and needs to be there.
  • Need to spend time each day focusing on the heart center through meditation.
  • When you are in a smooth loop of heart – body – mind makes you like a whole new being.   You are sending a whole new electromagnetic field into the world.

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