This blog post is part of a series from the tremendous book The Slight Edge.
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The Slight Edge VI

19 times out of 200 there is No Single Big, Significant answer.  It is the little things, day by day, that add up over time to unshakable contentment or unsalvageable misery.  Successful people don’t look for shortcuts, nor they hope for “the big break.”

Create the habits of success.

Habit#1: Show Up

Habit#2 :Be Consistent

Habit#3: Have a Positive Outlook

Habit#4: Be Committed for the Long Haul

Farmers know that they have to wait a full season to reap their harvests.

Habit#5: Cultivate a Burning Desire Backed by Faith

Most people wish for big things but can’t really see themselves getting them. The few who achieve great things are those who not only passionately wanted to achieve them but also clearly see themselves achieving them.

Habit#6: Be Willing to Pay the Price

Remember this: whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for not doing it than the price for doing it.

Habit #7: Practice The Slight Edge Integrity

As we established before, If you want to keep yourself on the upward path, the path of the building, growing, improving,, positively compounding effect of the slight edge, rather than the deteriorating, disintegrating, draining, negatively compounding effect of the slight edge, then there’s something you need.

Consistently Repeated Daily Actions + Time = Unconquerable results.

Time is your leverage. Your pulley. Your force multiplier.   It’s also your most valuable asset.

But it needs something to multiply. If you don’t have a big stack of money for it to multiply, you are limited to your 2 most valuable assets:  Your Skills and Your Efforts.

And the beautiful part of those 2 assets is that you can increase them at will. The internet is bountiful of new information and  skills that you can get any time.

And your effort is a throttle you control. Do you spend your nights fulfilling the Slight Edge dreams of movie Stars and TV producers by Consuming their Content and watching their ads? Or do you Start taking steps to your better life?

  • With the Slight Edge the formula is Simple:
  • Determine the direction of the life you want;
  • Take A Step towards it;
  • Make the commitment take another Step, and another Step; Until it’s the habit of walking.   One you make The Commitment Of Your Future.  Important enough that the goals you will commit to the continual and incremental increase of effort WILL gain momentum through the INEVITABLE effect of compounding to propel you to a better life.

The compound effect of incrementally increasing efforts Is inevitable!!!

Remember this: whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for not doing it than the price for doing it.




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