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The Slight Edge VII

Remember This: Whatever Price you Pay, there’s a Bigger Price to Pay for NOT Doing it than the price for doing it.

The Law of Association

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that your income tends to equal the average of the incomes of your five best friends. It’s true, and the same principle applies not only to your finances but to every aspect of your life.

So take heart by “disassociating”.   I don’t necessarily mean cutting them out of your life completely. But casual relationships deserve casual time—not quality time.

Use the Power of Momentum

There’s another reason once a day for a week is better than seven times in one day, once a week: the daily rhythm of thing start to change you. It becomes part of your routine.

Use the Power of Completion

Another way you gather momentum and harness it to your advantage is by regularly practicing an activity called completion.

With the Slight Edge the formula is Simple:

  • Determine the direction of the life you want;
  • Take A Step towards it;
  • Make the commitment take another Step, and another Step; Until it’s the habit of walking.   One you make The Commitment Of Your Future.  Important enough that the goals you will commit to the continual and incremental increase of effort WILL gain momentum through the INEVITABLE effect of compounding to propel you to a better life.

The compound effect of incrementally increasing efforts Is inevitable!!!

Consistently Repeated Daily Actions + Time = Unconquerable Results

Remember this: whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for not doing it than the price for doing it.




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