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Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

If you understand that where you place your attention is where you place your energy – then the stronger the emotional connection with the cause, the more you will place your emotional attention on a person, thing, or problem in your world.  When you do this, you are giving quite a bit of your power away.   Now you are anchored in the physical world to reaffirm your present reality.   This keeps you enslaved in the world of Known.  You can’t live in the world of potential.

  • Makes it too easy to be in “survival mode” which is dangerous to your body and mind.
  • If you can’t step into the unknown, nothing really changes.

Your constant obsession on “how it’s going to happen” is based on how you think – and predict – that it should happen.  But, if you are predicting – then your thinking is based on knowns.   It’s based on the past.  Which has been unsuccessful at making THIS happen.  There is no room for a new possibility in your life.

So, the longer we stay focus in the worlds of Known Outcomes – the more we are grounded in the physical world.  And we think about the things we lack.  The more we focus on the lack – the further we get from visualizing the better future.   Keeping us away from that future.

When doing meditations, you are focusing on noThing.   You are in the world of energy.   You are in the realm of infinite possibilities.

When you take your attention off being somebody, somewhere, who has some things at some time – you focus on being nobody who is nowhere at no time with nothing – your consciousness merges with the unified field.  Entering a field of oneness – where everything is connected.

In order to escape your mental identity – you might have to become NOBODY. 

When you are thinking of the problems in your world, with people, or with health – you are back into the physical world.   Not the quantum world.  Your energy is back to vibrating as matter – at the speed of things.  Not the speed of energy.

  • You have to elevate to the energies higher than the energy of the things that created your problems or obstacles.

Once you move from being Someone to Nobody, you can then progress to become Anybody you want to be.   THAT is becoming supernatural.  

As you put more of your focus on the Divine – it will appear more in your life.  As it appears more, you will focus on it more.  It will grow in your life.   If you stay focused on the divine, you can start to become it.   For this, you are to surrender deeper into intelligent love, trust in the unknown, continuously surrender parts of your limited self into the unlimited self, lose yourself into nothing to become everything.   Continuously let go of control.

SpaceTime-TimeSpace Meditation

Begin by resting your awareness on your heart.   Once you locked in on the space that you heart occupied in space, become aware of your breathing. 

Allow it to flow in and out of your heart.  All the while deepening and relaxing your breath. 

Keeping the attention on your heart, call up an elevated emotion.  Sustain this feeling for a period of time.  While paying attention to your breathing.

Radiate that energy in space. 

Next, use any song that inspires you, use that meditation to pull that out of your body.   Using a level of intensity that is greater than the body, liberate that feeling.  

For 15-20 min, listen to some music without lyrics that will induce trance.   Surrendering deeper and deeper into it.

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