Reading Notes for:

You get rich by taking large amounts of risk with small amounts of money.  You stay rich by taking small amounts of risk with large amounts of money.

  • If you are succeeding at a job that you hate, imagine how good you would be at a job that you love
  • The things that people feel they “have to lose” are purely made up in their mind.
  • They are stories they tell themselves about what other people are going to think about them, even though those other people probably are not thinking about them
  • People live out all of the potential downsides in the mere reflection of what other people will think about them in the future, should they fail.
  • Get really specific on whose voice it is in your head that is motivating you to do XYZ
    • Who are you worried about seeing you as a failure?  “Are you going to live out the rest of your life below your potential over what you are afraid that your __<friend, neighbor, brother sister, aunt, uncle>___ will think of you”?  Do you want uncle Harry to have that kind of power over you?
    • It is not “society”; it is usually the voice of one or two people in your life who you do not want to disappoint.  Shame only exists in the shadows.
    • We put things that scare us in the shadows and try to avoid it
    • Identify when you have the hesitation to confront something and ask yourself why you may be experiencing that hesitation.   Really spend time in it and see if THAT will still matter on a longer (10-20 yr) timeline.   If it wouldn’t, then it probably wouldn’t matter now.

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