Do you have something in your life that you have to admit to yourself that you are putting off over fear?   Maybe it’s a particular sales call.   Could be a conversation with someone important at work.   Or maybe even someone that you want to be an important someone in your life.   

Here is a good thought to hopefully help get you through — Dude, you only have to be Brave for a moment!  Do it!  because…

Once you are anxious/ low on confidence, you only do 3 things with anxiety.  Everything you have ever done with anxiety is one of these 3 things:

  1. Get avoidant and impulsive with it.  You ran away.  You got busy with something else to distract yourself (paperwork instead of prospecting).  Busy just to be busy.  Checking emails.  Reading sports.  Actions without thinking and physically nervous
  1. Masochism.  Act like a victim.  Poor me.  Begging.  Excuses.  Employing a highly effective attraction mechanism of being a little boy.  Acting helpless gets you off the hook. 
  1. Courage.  Doing the right thing regardless of how you feel.  The only thing that can get you over the peak of approach anxiety.  It’s in you always – it’s a decision.

[Confession: sometimes I do all 3.  And that’s ok, as long as you do ALL 3]

Once you do COURAGE, you are entirely alone while doing it.  In…..that…. moment of doing the right thing.  But, ironically, immediately after doing the right thing – everybody wants to be with you.  Even if you ‘fail’.   Since you tried something truly impressive, people will come and comfort you to be like “Wow”.   When you actually DO IT, then everyone want to stand with you because you are Great. 

It’s what makes leaders.

I don’t know where I heard this one.  I wish I could give credit, because I love this life lens.   It gives a great perspective on things when you use these things to analyze your daily duties.  

Make that list of things that could move you forward the fastest

Look at the ones you aren’t doing regularly (every day or every other day)

Now look at the things you ARE doing with the above in mind.   What could you be doing?

 Recognizing that there is something more important than your fear is the cusp of success.