Professional selling comes from a focus on helping a client get what they really need.   Not “closing”.   Come from place of deep caring and build real relationships.  Helping them get what they really need

5 steps to change

  1. To make change you need initial impact.  Need to shake you up a bit.
  2. Repetition of the skills learned.  Repetition is the key to mastery.  Nothing is boring, unless you are boring.
    1. For the rest of your life you are going to need it anyways.
  3. Utilization: You have to do something every day.   If you want the power, you have to pay the price of conditioning yourself.
  4. Integrate it.  Make it automatic in your way of life.  Just second nature.  You actually start to enjoy it
  5. Reinforcement.

You have to write your goals + the reasons why you want them.

  • Just like you have to establish with your clients, you have to establish in yourself the Emotional Reason to Act Now and the Logical Reason to Buy Now
    • Compelling people are compelled.
  • And you have to TAKE CHARGE.
  • You must know your desired outcome, and you must be willing to change your approach constantly until you get the result.

10 common strategies of top people

  1. Being able to effect their own emotional state.  Selling is nothing but transference of emotion.  So you must, must, must be able to manage your own state.
  2. Then you have to figure out how to change your customers’ state.
  3. Strategies for preparation: Call reluctance really boils down to just not being ready enough.   That’s why it’s best to know the person, who they are, and what they are about before making the call.
    1. First, I want to meet them.  Second, I’m prepared by know what this person is all about and why I want to do business with them.  Know what the needs are for someone in that particular business.
    2. Be prepared for the objections.
  4. Strategies for effective prospecting.  Must be able to get their attention.  And enjoy it!  Enjoy the process while committing to getting the outcome.
  5. Strategies for building trust.  Getting immediate rapport
  6. Ways to create interest that lasts.    Top producers make people hungry for what they have to say before they even start to say it.
  7. Strategies for qualifying the prospect.   Not if they have the money, or their policies.  But, the core emotion for why they act.  Their Emotional Reason to Buy Now (ERBN).  What is a hurt – an emotional need they want to handle?  Deepest needs
  8. The way to justify buying.  If they are motivated enough, they will help you find reasons.
  9. Strategies for closing and commitments.  Top persuaders don’t answer objections; they turn them around and turn them into questions.
  10. How do you button up the sale and make sure it’s something that lasts, and you aren’t worried about it falling out.

You have to make the commitment to stretch yourself.  If you “can’t” do something – then you must do it!

  • Make a commitment to double…..double…..the amount of prospect calls you make per day – for the next 30 days
    • Also allows you to experiment.  The stuff that didn’t work was just done on the people you wouldn’t have talked to anyways.

The single most important trait of top producers is that they all had compelling enough reasons to tap the full use of all of their resources, every single hour of every single day.

  • 80% of everything is coming up with a big enough “why.”  20% is finding out the how.    You have to have a big enough Why to get out of bed in the morning and meet new people.
  • Must build a positive association between making twice as many sales calls with your reason why.
  • You have your emotional and logical reasons to do……or do not………do what you need to do now
  • DEMAND from yourself to get what you need from life.

Flexibility is the ultimate power.  Generally, the one with the most flexibility had the most power.  If you have 10 ways to handle every objection, you are pretty successful and powerful

4 Major Steps to making changes to success

  1. Know your outcome.  Know what you want to accomplish for a given action
  2. Take Action. Not talking about it
  3. Know what you are getting.  Are you getting closer or further from your goal?
  4. Change your approach, change your approach, change your approach until you find what works.