People don’t act until they feel some sort of pressure to do so.  2 kinds:  External pressure or Internal pressure

Internal pressure is much more motivating.  It’s their reasons.  And will feel better for doing it.

People buy off wants, not needs.  Selling is the process of motivation.  Motivating them to want.

Process=  Everything we do is the desire to avoid pain or the desire to gain pleasure.  You have to get people to link the act of buying to tremendous pleasure and the act of not buying to tremendous pain.  Must find any emotional wound or hurt.  Because people are more motivated to prevent hurt.

But, you have to establish that you really do have their best interest in mind – or are you just some salesman?

Then, “what is this” and “What’s in this for me?”

What has to happen is that they must link that they are going to get what they want most in their mind, with their product.

We have learned to link certain feeling with certain circumstances.  Mercedes vs Ford.  One person will think of the feeling of owning a Mercedes, and think they need it.  Other people will say, “heck no, I can get 10 hyundai.”  They link pain to the payment of the Mercedes and pleasure to being smarter.

If someone doesn’t buy, they associate more pain to buying than not buying.  You must get them to be dissatisfied by the way things are.  Helps them be compelled to change.

Selling is the process of finding pain, disturbing it, then healing it with your product.  An undisturbed prospect will not buy.  You have to disturb them, then give them an out. Don’t assume everyone has the same wants.

Find their individual wants.

Persuasion is the process of getting a customer to clearly associate their most desired feeling or states to your product.

And associate that not buying = pain.    I’m going to miss out on the savings, someone is going to have what I don’t have, I’m not going to get to enjoy this…..

ERBN=  Emotional reasons to buy now.  What is their want and their hurt if they don’t.  Stir it up
DRAB=  Dominant reason against buying.    Might be what others might think, don’t need right now, what if…

The ERBN must drastically outweigh the DRAB.   So you must find out why THEY want to buy – not why you would.

If they are on the fence and it’s balanced, quickest way to put out of balance is create hurt.

Emotional reason may be hidden.  Might be because want the best, might want friends with you, might want to seem smart (these are the ones you think are emotionless).

LRBN= Logical Reasons to Buy Now.  Must add this boulder if still not buying.  It is your job to get them to change – for their reasons.

People don’t buy products, they buy states.          I.E….You don’t buy a Rolex because it’s durable.

People buy for emotional reasons, and justify with logic.