From Steven Pressfield – best known for “The War of Art”  –  Turning Pro is an inspiring instruction manual that’ll help you create the work you were meant to do by dividing your life into two phases, the amateur and the professional, and getting you from one into the other.    Want to earn a living by doing your ‘life’s work’ on something creative?  Or just become truly great at your profession?   Time to look into Turning Pro.

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In that moment, we can reconstitute our Bullshit – or Turn Pro.   This creates shame – which we have to turn into will.

The Professional

  • Shows up every day.  Stays all day
  • Committed to the long haul
  • Sets their stakes high and makes them real
  • Is patient
  • Is Couragous
  • Will not be distracted
  • Seeks order
  • Acts in the face of fear
  • Accepts no excuses
  • Plays it as it lays
  • Dedicates himself to mastering technique
  • Asks for help
  • Is ruthless on himself
  • Does not take failure or success personally
  • Will “murder his Children” if the works is not up to expectations
  • Has compassion for himself.

The Professional lives in the present.  The Amateur lives in the past and the future.

You must do the work every day!  The Muse will find you I you do the work.  Don’t wait for “inspiration”.    You must “play hurt” when there is resistance.   There is not option to wait for the ducks to be in a row.

The Pro will help others.  Amateurs thing that if he shares what he possesses with others – he will lose it.  The Professional will gravitate to helping amateurs who want to be Pros.  And they will resist being Iconized.  Because they know how dangerous it is for the Iconizer.

When you are a professional, you receive 2 paychecks.  A financial one.   Then another one in knowing you are living your gift.   The 2nd must sustain you.  Because the 1st may never come.