From Steven Pressfield – best known for “The War of Art”  –  Turning Pro is an inspiring instruction manual that’ll help you create the work you were meant to do by dividing your life into two phases, the amateur and the professional, and getting you from one into the other.    Want to earn a living by doing your ‘life’s work’ on something creative?  Or just become truly great at your profession?   Time to look into Turning Pro.

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Your practice needs:  A sacred place ; A time ; An intention ; Intensity ; Humility

We come to our practice as warriors.  As students.

The professional will “take what the defense will give us” on days when resistance is really high.  We will (1) take what we can get, and stay patient.  The defense may crack later.  (2) Play for tomorrow.  Maintain composure.  We are in it for the long haul.  They will crack and we will take it!

When we struggle against resistance, to connect with and create our Art – we seek to raise ourselves from the mere mortal level to a higher level of existence.  To Connect with The Muse.  To elevate from The Ego to the Self.