If your business is a service – how do you showcase your “Product”??   The iphone has a shiny case.   What do you have to show for yourself?  

BUT HERE’S THE THING that you probably haven’t even thought of………..We are almost all in the service business.   If you stop and think about it.   

You sell mortgages?    Where is the big warehouse at your office that they keep the boxes of “mortgages”?   Are they stacked up by size?  Color?   

Oh, you are a Realtor – so you THINK you sell houses?   HA!   Who do you sell houses to?   People, right?   Well, in order to get that client to take out and show homes, you have to sell them on the fact that “I am the best option for finding you a house.”.   That, my friend, is a service.  

And that is why Harry Beckwith wrote the book “Selling the Invisible”.   Where he taught us:

Your marketing must start with a clear understanding of the worried person in front of you.   What are they scared of and worried about in the world?  They aren’t worried about their cutting their car payment 20% – they are worried about not having enough money.   

When crafting your message, nothing is more powerful than simplicity.   People understand simple.  Complex is only interesting.   Simple is better [hmmm, wonder why I named it Simple Credit Repair]

The Core of Service Marketing is the service.  Continuously improve your service.   Making it better and better will get you referrals and recommendations.   That’s the best marketing.

Don’t deliver what the market needs.   Deliver what the market wants.    People buy what they want, then justify it with reason.   We buy with emotions, and our heads come up with reasons to rationalize.

Ask yourself:  What are you good at?  Is that any different than what everybody else does?  If no, find something.   And does this “better” even matter to the customer?

What are you really selling anyways?   People thought that people wanted hamburgers, until the original McDonald’s delivered “an experience.”  Or as Henry Ford put it: “If I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.”   We think that people want “Expertise”.  But, unless a normal client would know what that looks like automatically “what expertise looks like” – we are wrong.

In many cases, your real competitor is “doing nothing”.  The status quo.   That is really you main competition.   They don’t have to buy your product from ANYBODY.   They can just keep on with their life.   Make sure your sales pitch can deal with THAT.

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Because Simple is Better