Reading Notes for:

Kevin Kelly’s 99 Pieces of
Unsolicited Advice


another bunch of unsolicited advice. 

Everything is hard before it is easy. The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a stupid idea.

Your work will be endless, but your time is finite. You cannot limit the work so you must limit your time. Hours are the only thing you can manage.

To succeed, get other people to pay you; to become wealthy, help other people to succeed.

I have heard it said that your wealth will be proportionate to the number problems you solve and the number of people you help.   Try to think of a successful company that didn’t provide something of need to many people.  And also generated money for many people (aka payroll).  

Children totally accept — and crave — family rules. “In our family we have a rule for X” is the only excuse a parent needs for setting a family policy. In fact, “I have a rule for X” is the only excuse you need for your own personal policies.

All guns are loaded.

Without the bullets, a gun isn’t much more than an ugly knick knack.

Many backward steps are made by standing still.

“Everything in this world is either growing or dying.”   There is really no other setting.   That’s from Tony Robbins (again).