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Using the three P‘s —Predict, Preempt, Prevent—we can predict that price will come up as a question or objection at some point unless the seller “claims the frame” and preempts or prevents that response. The influence objective is to shift the frame and conversation away from price and over to quality.

Shift From Cost to Quality

Application in Business

The final stages of consumer product purchasing involve two categories. The first is the moment of purchase when the consumer thinks about the importance of the lowest cost and saving money. It’s momentary and passes quickly.

The second category is known as time of performance and is more long-lasting.

Our job as sales professionals, communicators, and leaders is to help people move beyond that short-term moment of purchase thinking into a broader view. Most of the solutions people offer require a “time of performance” mindset to comprehend the value proposition.

Client Framing:  Who is running the show?

Clients try to frame or reframe sales professionals all the time. The attempt at reframing usually comes in the form of slow response times to messages—indicating a lack of interest—or comments that someone else can do the same thing cheaper, faster, and easier. The sales professional needs to be able to assess when this happens to avoid the abyss of price reductions, discounts, and concessions.

A well-thought-out and well-constructed frame is a strategic advantage in the marketplace and can pay off handsomely in the long run. In this battle of whose frame will win, a sales professional should be able to understand the viewpoint of their potential client. But the professional also must have a strong belief in their value and be able to communicate it with conviction through metaphor, story, props, and examples.

The conversation with a potential mortgagee might start something like this:

I’m so excited that we get to work together. I know you have plenty of options on who to work with, and it means a lot to us that you are here.

Before we get started, I know there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace right now and, for some people, fear. The media is having a field day with misinformation, and it’s crazy to see how many people buy into it.

Unfortunately, the media is not a public service organization. So let’s look a little deeper.

Many people out there are making money in real estate right now. There are great opportunities to buy real estate if it’s done properly and you have the right tools and information.

Let me show you what your financial future could look like in five to ten years if you decide to buy this home …

The influencer predicted the fear in the market, then preempted and prevented it with a frame from history and the media, and revealed the statistics showing that real estate done properly can be profitable. A true pro would then close the deal with logos (logic) by showing the charts and graphs to build psychological safety (structure, order, and predictability).

It’s frame, message, tie-down—the AMPLIFII formula.

Your task is to create a viable and complete story arc that makes sense.

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