On Monday we talked about the great Winston Churchill quote and how it applied to sales.

Which I think is a monumental thing to think about in all of our lives.   So today I want to expand upon that a little on the how to apply that in your life.

The key is that YOU HAVE TO BE DETACHED FROM THE OUTCOME.   Just be content to go be yourself and offer communication without expecting something back or getting frustrated over the result.  Don’t take on other people’s opinions as your value.

When you decide to wear someone’s opinion of your offer it means you have holes in your boundary.   When you have those holes in your boundary it is your self-esteem will leaking out.   Think of a rancher who builds a coral for his horses, but leaves a big hole in it.   The prized stallions will run away and your hopes of success and happiness are riding aboard.

Look on the bright side, the more rejection you get the more numb you will get to it.  It WILL make you a better man.  How tough you are is determined by the strength of your boundary (thick skinned vs thin skinned).   Confidence is the energy that powers your boundary.  It is the antidote for your anxiety.  When we use external things to prop up our confidence, we lose.

This was actually one of the biggest things I made myself hit head on before starting Simple Credit Repair.   When doing to planning I was asked the question: What is 1 single biggest thing that you can do to to make the business successful.   The answer I came up with was: Relentless Prospecting and Networking.

Welp, wanna take a stab at what my biggest boundary hole is?    Yuuuup, the anxiety over meeting new people.

I had long ago isolated this anxiety of approaching new people has been the single biggest impediment to success for my ENTIRE LIFE.   I have read tons of books and went to many workshops.   Learned hypnosis.  Twice.   Then most recently went to a great 3 day workshop (*cough* torture) to help get over our limiting beliefs.   It helped tremendously.

Though now the rubber is on the road.   The fastest path to success in my new business was by running like a firefighter in to the inferno that is the gaping hole of my mental being.     Is that even a good idea???   How can that possibly work?

The only answer is: by doing it.  And doing it again….and again…and again.   Not only did I choose to start the business in spite of this immense fear.   I started the business BECAUSE of the immense fear.     If necessity is the mother of invention, I was turning that mother into high gear.    This is a fear that has to go, it’s a wound that must heal.    Nobody said it was easy and painless.

Finding your holes is easy.   Just look at the “normal business function” items that make you the most uncomfortable.

Ask yourself – today – what the hole is in your success plan.   Where do you half-ass something or short arm it?    List the 3 things that new person in your business could do to be immediately successful??

Are you doing those EVERY DAY?   Are you really?

Why not?

And what does that says about you?  Are these the thoughts that you want determining the path of your life?

Is this the example that you want to set to you employees?  Co-Workers?   Your kids????

Hell, yourself.

Once you find it, do something about it.   Feel free to ask me for resources.   Though the answer is probably going to come down to a great line that came from the movie The Bodyguard.    Whitney Houston is asking Kevin Costner’s dad how he got to be how he is.  The dad said, “Ever since he was a kid, if he was scared of something he just did it over and over until he wasn’t scared anymore.”

It’s not easy, but it works.   Though if GREAT was EASY, we wouldn’t call it GREAT.   We would call it Normal.   Don’t be normal.   Please don’t be normal

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