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Kevin Kelly’s 99 Pieces of
Unsolicited Advice


another bunch of unsolicited advice. 

All the greatest gains in life — in wealth, relationships, or knowledge —come from the magic of compounding interest — amplifying small steady gains. All you need for abundance is to keep adding 1% more than you subtract on a regular basis.

Again – Check out “The Slight Edge.”

Or at least read our blog posts about it. 

The greatest breakthroughs are missed because they look like hard work.

Which is also why they are OPPORTUNITIES.  If they were easy, everyone would have already done it. 

People can’t remember more than 3 points from a speech.

Guess better clearly state the points you want them to remember multiple times – especially at the end. 

Finite games are played to win or lose. Infinite games are played to keep the game going. Seek out infinite games because they yield infinite rewards.

Simon Sinek has a great book about this.   WHEN you read and love his book “Start with Why” – also read his book “Infinite Game.”    If you don’t love “Start with Why” – see a Doctor and have them check your pulse.