Reading Notes for:

Kevin Kelly’s 99 Pieces of
Unsolicited Advice


another bunch of unsolicited advice. 

Always say less than necessary.

I learned this one way too late in life.   And often forget, to my detriment.   Watch some John Wayne or Ray Donovan to see how to send a helluva message without saying anything. 

It is much easier to change how you think by changing your behavior, than it is to change your behavior by changing how you think. Act out the change you seek.

Tony Robbins has always been a big teacher of this.   Especially when it comes to energy.  It’s such a weird thing when you feel it.  One of the best ways to increase your energy is to bounce up and down and smile.   It’s kinda freaky.   Like, jump up and down on one of those dumb little 3′ trampolines.  It’s weird how much better you feel.  

Tony always preaches that improving your posture and physical energy, and watch how your brain follows. 

Another aspect comes from the actual application of the “Act as if” principle.  I’m a big fan of trainings that help people overcome fears in their lives.  One of the common teachings in that realm comes down to “You aren’t going to eradicate fear.  It won’t just go away.  So the key is to train your body to do THE THING A CONFIDENT PERSON WOULD DO, without considering the emotional side.”   Just go do it.  Seems like you have a better chance of just training yourself to do stuff – than feel good about it.        It technically doesn’t have to make sense. 

Each time you reach out to people, bring them a blessing; then they’ll be happy to see you when you bring them a problem.

Bad things can happen fast, but almost all good things happen slowly.