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Pathos is the ability to reach someone else via a story, humor, or any appeal that moves that individual to connect emotionally. It’s the ability to create empathy in others. Vulnerability is truly the superpower when it comes to pathos. Your ability to share your story, your struggle and not your success, is what matters.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, developing and managing relationships with customers (or potential customers) is a crucial differentiator. The emotional connection—pathos—is at the core of those relationships we build that lead to the person answering your telephone call, responding to your email, or truly listening to your offer.


Logos is the logical argument, the appeal to our sense of reason, the facts and figures.

Imagine buying into the ethos of a presenter and the pathos of their story but having difficulty in understanding what they are asking you to do. You don’t know how to act and are left with emotion without purpose; energy to act but no target—no logos.

Someone who has ethos and logos but no pathos lacks the emotional connection with others. With ethos and pathos, there’s credibility and passion but no plan and no details to achieve the goal. And if someone has pathos and logos but no ethos, they lack the credibility to gain the followers to achieve the goal.

Kairos is about taking advantage of the perfect moment to deliver a message and delivering it in a way that’s relevant to those listening. The key word is relevant.

Kairos goes far beyond being politically correct; it’s about being relevant and timely. Using kairos well means you tailor a message to your audience based on who they are and their current needs.  Meaning that it has….


Kairos sometimes can get confusing because an audience, demographics, or geography can change the relevancy of the message. For example, someone speaking to a group of young entrepreneurs referenced The Partridge Family to make a point. The audience, of course, had no clue the presenter was talking about a fictional TV family from the mid-1970s. Many of the audience weren’t even born then.

Telos is the end game, the purpose, the essential aim of a speech, a sales pitch, or a presentation. It’s the point you hope to convey to your audience.

So, in order to influence, you need to be seen as a trustworthy source of information.   Then deliver something that is relevant and useful NOW.   Show that your solution makes sense and feels good.

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