Reading Notes for:

Kevin Kelly’s 99 Pieces of
Unsolicited Advice


another bunch of unsolicited advice. 

If someone is trying to convince you it’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a pyramid scheme.

If something fails where you thought it would fail, that is not a failure.

Be governed not by the tyranny of the urgent but by the elevation of the important.

It’s also good to remember that “Being good at something doesn’t make it important.”  Focus on the hard part. 

The greatest rewards come from working on something that nobody has a name for. If you possibly can, work where there are no words for what you do.

This IS where the mega riches and legends are made.

Don’t create things to make money; make money so you can create things. The reward for good work is more work.

Another reason to choose occupations that you love.  There is also a great saying that “When you are working – step by step – toward something that is important to you…you can’t help but feel good.”  I believe that.  I have seen that.