Reading Notes for:

Kevin Kelly’s 99 Pieces of
Unsolicited Advice


another bunch of unsolicited advice. 

Work to become, not to acquire.

I guess this one goes back to the old saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.”   Or, my favorite “hit you in the balls” version from Rage Against the Machine:  “Fuck your G Ride, I want the machines that be making them.”

On the way to a grand goal, celebrate the smallest victories as if each one were the final goal. No matter where it ends you are victorious.

Didn’t say to stop….or to stop working for very long.

Calm is contagious.

Your passion in life should fit you exactly; but your purpose in life should exceed you. Work for something much larger than yourself.

<shrug> Guess this is the “shoot for the stars.  Because, even if you fall short, you soar with the eagles.” 

If you can’t tell what you desperately need, it’s probably sleep.

To quiet a crowd or a drunk, just whisper.

I’ve never heard this one.   Gonna have to try it. 

Writing down one thing you are grateful for each day is the cheapest possible therapy ever.

Money is overrated. Truly new things rarely need an abundance of money. If that was so, billionaires would have a monopoly on inventing new things, and they don’t. Instead almost all breakthroughs are made by those who lack money, because they are forced to rely on their passion, persistence and ingenuity to figure out new ways. Being poor is an advantage in innovation.

Ignore what others may be thinking of you, because they aren’t.

HA!  What a great mix of profound, helpful, and sad.