Pretty sure this one comes from the great Zig Ziglar.   Secrets to Closing the Sale is great, btw.

This ties into another of his quotes that “Your Enthusiasm is the strongest close.”    In this one he is making the case that selling is little more than the transference of emotion.  And you can’t give someone something you don’t feel.

In other words, if you are not feeling good in the moment of the sale you probably aren’t going to effectively make your customer feel good.   If you aren’t feeling enthusiastic about what you and your product delivers, how are they going to?

So, if I was Loan Officer and I was getting to that part of the presentation where you give the rate and get the commitment, I would focus more on what I can deliver than what I can’t.   If you are worrying about them getting a better deal at Bank X or online Lender Y, you aren’t going to deliver the enthusiasm.   If you are mentally focusing on the fact that you work at a great place and are absolutely committed to making this the best possible lending experience – you will pitch better.

If I’m selling credit repair, I’m focusing on the strong belief that this will make the rest of their life better.   If they don’t fix their credit, they are going to get screwed on every car, house, insurance policy, and possible job for the rest of their lives.

I learned the adverse in real life many years ago when I was selling furniture.  Worked for a good company who made tremendous products and unparalleled comfort.    But I don’t really give a damn about furniture.  I like what I like, but otherwise it’s boring.  And I was a middle of the road salesman.   From there I went and sold online education.   In retrospect, way worse product.   But I was one of the top salespeople because I love the idea of people improving themselves.

So please check in on your mental state when you are selling today.   In that moment where you are selling, crank the positivity up, deliver value, and reap the rewards.