You never win an argument. Nine times out of 10 both parties end up more steadfast.

If I am arguing with you and you are arguing back, you are making your opinion more firm in your mind.

Instead use “I agree. I’m sure this is a petty matter compared with the important matters you deal with. My experience is that only from a basis of ______but you have ______ experience. I wish I had a job like yours. I would learn a lot.”

Hear them out. Build bridges of understanding. Look for areas of agreement. Be honest – look for areas you could admit error and do so. Apologize for mistakes. Promise to look over his argument and consider carefully. Thanks sincerely for their interest, postpone action to think it out.

Teddy Roosevelt said that if he could be right 75% of the time, he would reach the highest of his expectations. If you could only be right 55% of the time, you would make millions of dollars per day on Wall Street. So why aren’t you making that? Maybe you’re not as right as you thought.

If you are going to try to change someone’s mind, don’t handicapped yourself by letting them know you are trying. Do it in a way they don’t know you are. Be subtle.

Alexander Pope: Men must be taught as if you taught them not. And things proposed as things forgot.”